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TCTA (tac.cac) Meeting Agenda for February 2, 2022


TCTA (tac.cac) February Agenda
Download PDF • 672KB

Background Information

Background Informatio2
Download PDF • 36KB

Item 2 - Meeting Minutes of December 1, 2021

Item 2 - December TCTA (tac.cac)meeting minutes
Download PDF • 47KB

Item 3 - TCTC (tac) resolution 73-22 authorizing remote meetings

Item 3 - TCTA (tac) Res. 73-22 REMOTE MTGS
Download PDF • 17KB

Item 3(a) - TCTA (cac) Resolution 74-22 authorizing remote meetings

Item 3(a) - TCTA (cac) Res. 74-22 REMOTE MTGS - Copy
Download PDF • 17KB

Item 3(b) - Memo from County Counsel re: remote meeting procedures

Item 3(b) - Memo to BOS from County Counsel
Download PDF • 916KB

Item 4 - Agreement between TCTA and Stantec for Zero Emission Bus Rollout plan

Item 4 - Stantec Agreement
Download PDF • 7.90MB

Item 4(a) - Stantec Scope of Work

Item 4(a) - Stantec Recent Scope of work
Download PDF • 387KB

W.A.V.E. Service Schedule/Ridership

Item 5 - WAVE Svc. Schedule.Ridership
Download PDF • 1.10MB


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