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Board of Directors

Tuolumne County Transportation Council

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) is responsible for developing transportation improvements that reflect the needs, concerns and actions of all the agencies (including Tribal Governments) involved in the Tuolumne County region, while contributing to the region's mobility needs, economic health, and environmental quality. Board membership is comprised of two (2) members from and appointed by, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors and two (2) member from and appointed by the Sonora City Council. One (1) citizen at large are voted in by a majority of the TCTC. 

  • Administration of Transportation Development Act funds and the annual Unmet Transit Needs Process

  • Development and Update of the Regional Transportation Plan

  • Administration of Federal and State transportation funding programs and grant dollars

Tuolumne County Transit Agency

The Tuolumne County Transit Agency (TCTA) is a  joint powers agency that is responsible for the administration and operation of the Regional Public Transportation System, Tuolumne County Transit.  Their Mission Statement is to "Provide safe, reliable and effective public transportation."  In fulfilling its Mission, the TCTA Board and staff will strive to:

  • Serve transit-dependent persons;

  • Include transportation opportunities for residents and visitors; and

  • Assist in developing a full spectrum of pedestrian, bicycle, commute and alternative  transportation options.

Board Members

Chair/Citizen-At-Large Member

Richard "Duke" S. York

Members Representing the County Board of Supervisors

Kathleen Haff, (District 4)

Ryan Campbell, Vice Chair (District 2)


Alternates, Board of Supervisors

Jaron Brandon, District 5

Aniah Kirk, District 3

Sonora City Council Representatives

Mark Plummer (Mayor)

Andy Merrill

Alternate, City Council

Suzanne Cruz

Matt Hawkins

Caltrans District 10

Mark Samuelson (Deputy Director, District 10 Planning, Local Assistance, and Environmental)

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