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Active Transportation Planning

Active Transportation Planning seeks to make it safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for everyone to walk and bike by identifying needs and priorities for future investments.  When more people are able and encouraged to walk or bike for short trips and to access transit, our communities experience improved air quality, health benefits, social equity, quality of life, and economic vitality.

List of Active Transportation Planning Related Items

Active Transportation Plan

In 2020, the Tuolumne County Transportation Council developed an Active Transportation Plan which is a plan to help improve walking, bicycling, and access to public transit. Follow the link for more information

[ click here for project page ]

Regional Trails

Tuolumne County is lucky to have a plethora of available public state, or national, parks as well as local trails. Tuolumne County Transportation Council has a page focused on providing some information on these local trails as well as some links to other agencies or programs.

[ click here for trails page ]

Gold Rush Shared Use Path

This path will serve as a “Non-Motorized” highway, or the backbone of non-motorized travel, in Tuolumne County. Tuolumne County, the City of Sonora, Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me Wuk, and the Tuolumne County Blue Zones Project are all partners on the project. The path will improve active transportation continuity, encourage healthy and low emission travel behaviors, increase safety, maximize disadvantaged individuals' access to critical services, and enhance community identity.

[ click here for project page ]

Sonora Loop Projects

information coming soon.

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