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Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is intended to be an advisory committee to the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) on all matters relating to the regional transportation system. While TCTC staff services are available to the CAC, it is an independent committee which provides input directly to the TCTC. Membership of the CAC consists of eight total members with staggered four year terms. The Sonora City Council appoints two members and the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors appoints six members. Each Board member, with the exception of the District Four Supervisor, appoints one person from their respective district. The District Four Supervisor appoints two individuals, one from the Groveland area and one from the East Sonora area.

CAC Members

City of Sonora

(2 Representatives)

Steven Dietrich


District 1


District 2

Paul Slemmons

District 3

Dick Southern

District 5


District 4

Bob Asquith (Groveland)

Vacant (East Sonora)

For more information about being appointed to the Citizen's Advisory Committee contact:

Denise Bergamaschi

Phone: 209-533-5603


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