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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) was established by the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) in 1986, and acts as an Advisory Council to the TCTC on all matters pertaining to the transit needs of transit dependent and transit disadvantaged persons.  The SSTAC's input is considered and made an intregal part of the TCTC's annual "Unmet Transit Needs" hearing and findings process.  The SSTAC is comprised of a myriad of representatives of potentially transit dependent segments of the community (senior citizens, persons with disabilities, persons of limited means, etc.) and transit operators.

SSTAC Members

Transit User 60 years of age or older

  • Vacant

Potential Transit User with disability

  • Leahanna McMillan

Social Service Provider for Seniors

  • Doreen Schmidt, (Chair) Area 12 Agency

  • John Featherstone, (Vice-Chair) Sonora Community Estates

Social Service Provider for the Disabled

  • Elizabeth Thompson, Common Ground

  • Vacant

Social Service Provider for Persons of Limited Means

  • Cathie Peacock, Interfaith

  • Vacant

Local Consolidated Transportation Service Agency

  • Becky Day, Storer Transit Systems

  • Camille Inocencio, Storer Transit 

At-Large Members

  • John Schulz, Common Ground

  • Vacant


  • Darin Grossi, TCTC

  • Gregoria Ponce', Caltrans District 10

For more information about the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council contact:

Denise Bergamaschi

Phone: 209-533-5603


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