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Transit Planning

The California legislature has determined public transportation to be a public good.  As a result, Californians pay a quarter of one percent in Sales tax to fund public transportation services in California.  There are other transportation based taxes that help to fund public transportation, but this is the primary source of operating funds.


The Federal government also invests in public transportation as part of its overall transportation policy.  Tuolumne County Transit receives federal monies for capital investments in the fleet and the system.  


Tuolumne County Transit offers both a fixed route public transit system in addition to Dial-a-Ride services.  There are also seasonal services (SkiBUS/Yosemite) and Special Event services offered (transportation to community events). 

The Administration of public transportation dollars is one of the founding pillars of responsibility for regional transportation planning agencies such as the Tuolumne County Transportation Council.

A separate agency, the Tuolumne County Transit Agency was formed to manage the operations of Tuolumne County Transit.

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Transit Planning

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