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Short Range Transit Plan

The purpose of the Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP) is to guide the development of public transportation services for Tuolumne County residents and visitors over the next five years, from FY 20/21 to FY 24/25. More specifically, the SRTP:

  • Provides opportunities for public input regarding transportation needs and how Tuolumne County Transit (TCT) might effectively address them.

  • Conducts market research to determine who is riding Tuolumne County Transit, how they are using the system, how satisfied they are with the services provided, and priorities for improvements.

  • Evaluates the recent performance of existing services.

  • Provides priorities for service plan and fare recommendations over the next five years.

  • Establishes a detailed operating and capital financial plan.

  • Provides update on zero emission bus requirements.

The focus of the Executive Summary is to provide the key findings and recommendations for the Short Range Transit Plan.

Executive Summary
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