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Resilience Planning

Resilience planning is a process that communities can undertake to identify potential hazards and threats, and then establish adaptation, mitigation, and recovery plans. The goal is to reduce likely impacts and ensure that key infrastructure systems continue operating, or quickly begin providing services again. 


Resilience in transportation can be defined as the ability of the system to continue moving people around in the face of one or more major obstacles. Additionally, it could be defined as the ability of a transportation system to recover following an interruption. These obstacles, or interruptions, can include extreme weather events, major accidents, and equipment or infrastructure failures. Rural area transportation resilience planning includes many things but one example is strengthening existing evacuation routes. 

Major Projects

Tuolumne County Evacuation Needs Assessment and Communication Strategies Project

The Tuolumne County Evacuation Needs Assessment and Communication Strategies study identifies locations and communities at higher risk from wildfire and strategies to improve evacuation operations and communication to improve the County’s wildfire resiliency and preparedness.


The study furthers the understanding of wildfire risk based on historic data to inform strategies or approaches for future evacuations, and identifies opportunities for evacuation-related transportation improvements for the Tuolumne County Transportation Council Regional Transportation Plan. The study does not identify evacuation routes or zones, and is not an evacuation plan.

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North-South Connector / Greenley Road Extension Project

The North-South Connector Project, or Greenley Road Extension, in one form or another, has been included in every Tuolumne County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) since the first RTP in 1975.


The project has multiple benefits including access to critical infrastructure, reduced congestion in Downtown Sonora, and the provision of an alternate evacuation route for the Downtown Sonora area.

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Jamestown Safe, Healthy, and Equitable Streets Improvement Project

The Jamestown Safe, Healthy, and Equitable Streets Improvement Project, identified in the 2016 RTP, is aimed at addressing multiple issues in the corridor.


The planned project will transform the two-lane state highway into a complete street with roadway and traffic signal improvements, sidewalks, cyclist facilities, additional transit stops, a Park and Ride facility with EV chargers, and the option of widening to reduce congestion or accommodate surges in traffic volumes from evacuations.

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