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Trails Efforts
Walking, bicycling, using transit and moving more!

Active Transportation Plans & Trail News
Tuolumne County's Trails

Trail Me About It

The Trail Me About It fund was born from a collaboration between the Sonora Area Foundation and the Tuolumne County Transportation Council.  A generous donation from local business, Front Porch, allowed the program to begin funding its first projects!

Trails are a great reflection of the community in which they are found.  Trails facilitate recreation, socialization, volunteer efforts, tourism and overall health and well-being.  They help folks connect with the outdoors around them and the people in their community.

We encourage your participation by applying to the program for funding for your project or DONATING to the program to facilitate a community project in need of funding

Please consider making a donation to the Trail Me About It fund.  All donations are tax deductible.  All proceeds with benefit Tuolumne County and City of Sonora trail projects.  Donations are accpeted in any amount and can be one time or recurring gifts.

Trails are a lasting legacy that will provide benefit for generations to come.


See you on Trail!

Trail Grants

Tuolumne County has a myriad of trails, but no dedicated funding sources for improvements.  The Trail Me About it Fund offers micro-grants (up to $1500) to community groups, organizations, clubs and non-profit organizations to empower small but valuable  improvements to our local trails.

The Trail Me About It Funds seeks to fund projects that encourage residents to get outside and walk or bike more frequently.

The Fund is a local grant making program designed to support small scale improvements driven by community or social service organizations, such as:

  • Trail head kiosks, sign posts and trail markers

  • Interpretative signage

  • Trail parking or access improvements

  • Trail maps and brochures

  • Trail Planning

  • Trail maintenance

  • Trail extensions

  • Trail amenities: picnic tables, trash receptacles, doggie bag dispensers

Trail Me About It Application documents:
Application- Click Here
Budget spreadsheet- Click Here

Funded Projects

Sugar Pine Trail Map

Our goal (CA Naturalist's based out of Twain Harte) is to turn the Sugar Pine Railroad Grade Trail that stretches from Twain Harte to Lyons Reservoir into an interpretive trail via the development of a trail brochure and map.


We believe that this project will give trail users a greater appreciation of the natural and cultural history of the area. It most likely will also attract users to the trail if they encounter a trail brochure in a local business or online. 

Groveland Trail Heads--Trail Construction+ Trail tool purchase

The GTH are hosting three, two day, volunteer trail building events in Groveland, CA  to complete 0.4 miles of trail, within PMLA’s Unit 16, jus north of the PML Campground


Our proposed project is an important component to GTH and the greater Groveland area. This trail project has the ability to encourage the local community to take part in outdoor recreation management and promote our local tourist based economy. The trail work will benefit the greater Groveland area by demonstrating GTH’s ability to bring an improperly constructed trail into compliance with IMBA’s and the USFS’s standards of sustainability.

Columbia Fitness Trail

We are requesting funds to support our efforts to revitalize the Columbia College Fitness Trail.  For over 30 years thee exissting trail has provided members of our community the opportunity to simultanteously exercise and enjoy the beauty of campus.  Hoowever, the trail has fallen into disrepair. The Trail signage needs to be replaced and many of the exercise stations need to be repaired.


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