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TCTC Agenda for May 8, 2024


TCTC May 8 Agenda_
Download PDF • 672KB

Background Information

Background Informatoin
Download PDF • 59KB

Item 2 - April Meeting Minutes

Item 2 - TCTC April Meeting Minutes
Download PDF • 47KB

Item 3 - RFP for RFP for Short Range transit Plan and Human Services Transportation Plan

Item 3 - Draft Request for Proposals STRP 2024 Update
Download PDF • 1.04MB

Item 4 - Approving the CalPers contract for TCTC Staff

Item 4 - Calpers Contract
Download PDF • 10.38MB

Item 5 - Resolution 734-24 allocating funds to GCSD for an Active transportation Plan

Item 5 - TCTC Res 734-24, LTF Allocation to ATP Program Plan-GCSD
Download PDF • 13KB

Item 5(a) - Request letter from GCSD

Item 5(a) - GCSD Request LTF Funding
Download PDF • 352KB

Item 5(b) - Hetch Hetchy ATP Budget

Item 5(b) - Hetch Hetchy ATP Budget (002)
Download PDF • 32KB

Item 5(c) - ATP Proposal Letter

Item 5(c) - Hetch Hetchy ATP Letter Proposal
Download PDF • 593KB

Item 6 - Resolution 733-24 allocating funds to the County for Road Treatment Project

Item 6 - Res 733-24, Allocate RSTP to County High Friction Surface Treatment Project
Download PDF • 13KB

Item 6(a) - Call for Projects

Item 6(a) - County-TCTC RSTP Call_for_Projects 2024
Download PDF • 2.45MB



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