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TCTA(tac.cac) Agenda for December 6, 2023


TCTA (tac.cac) December Agenda_
Download PDF • 672KB

Background Information

TCTA Background Informatio2
Download PDF • 44KB

Item 2 - Meeting Minutes of October 4, 2023

Item 2 - TCTA (tac.cac) October Meeting Minutes
Download PDF • 46KB

Item 3 - Advertising Contract with Helen Foraker

Item 3 - Helen Foraker Advertising Agreement
Download PDF • 21.11MB

Item 3(a) - Proposal

Item 3(a) - Helen Foraker Proposal
Download PDF • 2.95MB

Item 3(b) - Policies for Advertising

Item 3(b) - Policies for Advertising on TCT buses
Download PDF • 694KB



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