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TCTC Awarded $450,000 in Transportation Planning Grants

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council was awarded approximately $450,000 in funding for two transportation planning grants from the California Energy Commission and Caltrans.

The California Energy Commission has awarded the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) with a $200,000 grant to develop a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Readiness Plan for the Central Sierra Region which includes Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties. The Central Sierra ZEV Readiness Plan will identify, reduce, and resolve barriers to the widespread deployment of private and public ZEV infrastructure. The Central Sierra ZEV Readiness Plan will help support the objectives listed below:

• Study and analyze site locations needed for ZEV infrastructure deployment in Alpine,

• Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties;

• Evaluate the current state of the ZEV market;

• Evaluate opportunities to streamline ZEV permitting, installation, and inspection to facilitate the timely approval and construction of ZEV infrastructure;

• Study and analyze the feasibility of ZEV adoption in Municipal fleets;

• Create a venue for stakeholder coordination and gain input from key stakeholders on the ZEV Readiness Plan.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has awarded the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) with a $248,000 Sustainable Communities Transportation Planning Grant for the State Route (SR) 49 from Columbia to Jamestown Complete Streets Corridor Plan. The SR 49 Complete Streets Corridor Plan Corridor will evaluate and identify existing and future needs in the Corridor and provide recommendations for short term and long term capital improvement projects. The Corridor Plan will study several alternative non-motorized transportation alignment scenarios and recommend one final route alignment that will promote economic tourism and provide opportunities for residents, tourists, and commuters to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle. The TCTC will be partnering with Caltrans, the City of Sonora, Tuolumne County, and Columbia College on the Corridor Plan. The project goals include:

• Reduce Traffic Congestion, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG’s), and Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT’S).

• Improve Pedestrian, Bicycle, Automobile, and Transit Safety.

• Implement Complete Streets along the State Highway System.

• Eliminate large gaps in the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

• Accommodate transit stops and transit access along the State Highway.

• Provide opportunities for stakeholders and the community to shape future transportation decisions.

• Identify critical short term improvements for consideration in Caltrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).

• Facilitate construction of the ultimate alignment through the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) and local traffic impact mitigation fees.


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