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2016 Final Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) & Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The 2016 Draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) serves as the planning tool to guide transportation investments in Tuolumne County for the next twenty-five years. The 2016 RTP focuses on a balanced multi-modal transportation system for Tuolumne County. The Expenditure Plan is a financially constrained plan that includes short-range and long-range transportation investments and improvements for all modes of transportation.

2016 Final Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Final RTP

2016 Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Final EIR - Volume 1

Final EIR - Volume 2 - Appendices

RTP Support Documents

Tuolumne Tomorrow: Tuolumne County Regional Blueprint Project Report

Tuolumne County Regional Blueprint Greenhouse Gas Study

Tuolumne County General Plan and Regional Transportation Plan Evaluation and Analysis Report

Tuolumne County General Plan

City of Sonora General Plan

2010 California Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Guidelines

2008 RTP

2008 Final RTP

2008 Final RTP EIR


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