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TCTC (tac.cac) Meeting Agenda for March 2, 2022


TCTC (tac.cac) March Agenda
Download PDF • 672KB

Background Information

Background Informatio2
Download PDF • 30KB

Item 2 - February meeting Minutes

Item 2 - February TCTC(tac.cac)meeting minutes
Download PDF • 50KB

Item 3 - Resolutions for Remote Meetings

Item 3(a) - Resolutions 665-22 and 666-22 for Remote Meetings
Download PDF • 1.49MB

Item 3(a) _ Memo from Legal Counsel form Remote meetings

Item 3(b) - Memo to BOS from County Counsel
Download PDF • 916KB

Item 4 - Appointment to the Citizen's Advisory Committee

Item 4 - Memo to BOS from TCTC
Download PDF • 321KB

Item 4(a) - Application of Wendy Hesse

Item 4(a) - Wendy Hesse application
Download PDF • 854KB

m 4(b) - Board of Supervisors appointment letter

Item 4(b) - BOS Appnt. letter
Download PDF • 227KB

Item 5 - HIP Allocation for Projects

Item 5 - HIP Tracking
Download PDF • 282KB

Item 5(a) - HIP Funds fact sheet

Item 5(a) - HIP-funds-fact-sheet
Download PDF • 154KB

Item 6 - Resolution authorizing allocation of LTF Reserves

Item 6 - TCTC Res. 556-17 authoring allocating funds
Download PDF • 441KB

Item 6(a) - Resolution 668-22

Item 6(a) - TCTC Res 668-22, Reallocation of from Stewart St to Red Church Project
Download PDF • 13KB

Item 6(b) - Letter from City requesting funds

Item 6(b) - City Letter-TCTC Funding Request
Download PDF • 900KB

Item 6(c) - Graphic of Project

Item 6(c) - Graphic of Project
Download PDF • 324KB

Item 6(d) - LTF Bike/Ped funds

Item 6(d) - LTF Bike.Ped Funds
Download PDF • 84KB



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