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TCTC (tac.cac) Meeting Agenda for July 6, 2022


TCTC (tac.cac) July Agenda
Download PDF • 672KB

Background Information

Background informationr
Download PDF • 38KB

Item 2 - Meeting Minutes of June 2022

Item 2 - June TCTC (tac.cac)meeting minutes
Download PDF • 61KB

Item 3 - Resolutions approving Remote Meetings

Item 3 - Resolutions for Remote Meetings
Download PDF • 1.07MB

Item 3(a) - Memo from County Counsel

Item 3(a) - Memo to BOS from County Counsel
Download PDF • 916KB

Item 4 - Resolutions approving LTF Allocations

Item 4 - Resolutions approvong LTF Allocations
Download PDF • 584KB

Item 4(a) - FY 22/23 LTF and STAF Allocations spreadsheets

Item 4(a) - FY23 LTF & STAF Allocations
Download PDF • 1.06MB



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