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TCTC Meeting Agenda for April 13, 2022


TCTC April Agenda
Download PDF • 677KB

Background Information

Background Informatio2
Download PDF • 47KB

Item 2 - March Meeting Minutes

Item 2 - March TCTC Meeting minutes
Download PDF • 49KB

Item 3 - Resolution allowing Remote Meetings

Item 3 - TCTC Res. 669-22 REMOTE MTGS - Copy
Download PDF • 20KB

Item 3(a) - Memo from Legal Counsel re: Remote Meetings

Item 3(a) - Memo to BOS from County Counsel
Download PDF • 916KB

Item 4 - Resolution 672-22 allocating funds for ATP Applications

Item 4 - TCTC Res 672-22, Allocate Contingency funds for ATP Apps.
Download PDF • 12KB

Item 4(a) - 2023 ATP Guidelines

Item 4(a) - Adopted-2023-ATP Guidelines
Download PDF • 730KB

Item 4(b) - Request from GCSD to fund Hetch Hetchy Trail

Item 4(b) - Request for Funding GCSD Trail Project Overview
Download PDF • 696KB



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