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Red Hills Trail

Red Hills Trail:

Perhaps the best feature of the red hills is the huge amount of trails that cater to advanced mountain bikers and beginners alike. In fact, the trails at Red Hills are some of the most versatile in California. Some mountain biking trails - specifically those higher up Sonora Pass - are littered with advanced obstacles, drop-offs and hair-raising washes. Unlike these advanced courses, the Red Hills can be enjoyed at a slow pace with the whole family or raced down at high speeds. With that in mind, users should be aware of other bikes at all times and will be willing to move aside to let more advanced riders pass by. While some of the trails at Red Hills are wide enough for a car, much of the area's terrain is single track. It's probably best for beginners to stick to the wider trails, especially on weekends. One particularly wide trail at Red Hills that's perfect for beginners isn't really a trail at all. The Serpentine Loop Road is a mild dirt road that was designed for easy wildflower viewing and sightseeing; however, the addition of a mountain bike to this awesome four-wheel drive road makes for an excellent introduction to the sport. For more advanced single tracks and some pretty intense hill climbs, drive past Serpentine Road until you reach an obvious parking area that has a restroom. From this point, there are eight established trails (17.3 total miles) that can keep even the most dedicated bikers busy for a season.

The Red Hills are located a half-mile outside Chinese Camp on Red Hills Road. From Highway 49 in Sonora, take Highway108 west for a few miles until you reach the Yosemite Junction and the turn back onto Highway 49. Turn left onto Highway 49 and drive a few miles until you reach Red Hills Road and a right turn.

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