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Response to Questions Received Regarding the Gold Rush Multi-Use Path Phase 2 and 3: Feasibility and Complete Streets Study RFP

May 3, 2024

The following questions (and their associated responses) were received in relation to the released request for proposals for the Gold Rush Multi-Use Path Phase 2 and 3: Feasibility and Complete Streets Study. The website post for that RFP can be found: [ here ].

1. The RFP indicates that each alternative will be developed up to a 30% level. Please provide more clarification about TCTC’s definition of 30% design as it relates to the alternatives analysis.

30% design will only be for the recommended/preferred alternative for Phase 2. Phase 3 will only need 10% design for the recommended/preferred alternative.


2. Will the Consultant be expected to provide an environmental/CEQA scan as part of the Implementation Plan?

The consultant should be prepared to complete a preliminary environmental document and an initial study.


3. Will TCTC staff be involved in identifying stakeholders, assisting with outreach, or any other tasks?

Yes, TCTC staff will assist with reaching out to stakeholders, outreach, and other associated tasks.


4. What is the anticipated project duration (for Phases II and III)?

The anticipated project duration for each phase is one (1) year.


5. What is the anticipated budget for Phase III?

Phase 3 does not have an established budget yet. However, something similar to that of Phase 2’s budget would be ideal.


6. Will Phases II and III run sequentially or concurrently as part of one project?

Ideally, the projects will run concurrently. However, Phase 3 may be deferred several months.


7. When does TCC anticipate securing funding for Phase III through the Carbon Reduction Program?

The Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) is a competitive process. We will not know if funding is secured until July. If CRP funding is not secured other funding will be pursued.



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