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Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan

The Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation (Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 13 § 2023.1(d)) requires each transit agency to submit a complete Zero-Emission Bus Rollout Plan (Rollout Plan), approved by its governing body, showing how it plans to achieve a full transition to zero-emission buses (ZEBs).

The Rollout Plans lay out the careful planning before the purchase requirements of ICT begin. Careful planning is essential to ensure the synchronization of vehicle procurement, infrastructure build out, and fuel cost management. Rollout Plans will also improve the public, fuel suppliers and State’s understanding of transit agencies’ operations. This understanding could help provide more targeted support in developing incentives, inform fuel providers and utilities about potential infrastructure and electrical upgrades, and engage the general public about the environmental benefits of ZEBs.

In May 2021, Tuolumne County Transportation Agency set the goal to advance towards a zero-emission bus fleet by directing staff to purchase an electric vehicle or two (to begin learning about the vehicles) while simultaneously moving forward with the creation of the Rollout plan.

Project Milestones and Documents


RFP Released


RFP Closed:

Consultant Chosen By Panel: Stantec 

Draft Final Plan

Final Plan, Approved [0/00/0000]

If you would like additional information or have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Shannon Thaggard

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