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Vision Sonora

Funded by a grant from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) awarded to the Tuolumne County Transportation County and sub allocated to the City, the Vision Sonora project was initiated to provide Sonora with a plan for a more vibrant community by directing physical improvements along the Highway 49 and Washington Street corridors. Specifically, the Vision Sonora Plan addresses the following through text descriptions as well as conceptual designs and renderings: Circulation and congestion management; Parking management; Gateway features and wayfinding signage; Transit facilities, including site selection and conceptual design of a community bus shelter; Aesthetics and beautification, including streetscapes and landscaping plans; Multi-modal connectivity; and Finance and implementation.

Vision Sonora in a community revitalization plan that was initiated to provide the City of Sonora with a plan to create a more vibrant community by addressing the following areas along the Highway 49 and Washington Street corridors.

View the Vision Sonora Plan PDF HERE


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