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Unmet Transit Needs Hearing December 14, 2022

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) will be holding its annual Unmet Transit Needs Public Hearing on December 14, 2022 at 3:00 pm. in the Chambers of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors located in downtown Sonora at 2 South Green Street on the Fourth Floor of the County Administration Building. The purpose of the Hearing is to solicit comments on any unmet transit needs that may exist within Tuolumne County that might be reasonable to meet by establishing new specialized transportation services or by expanding existing services. During the meeting, citizens wishing to comment should be prepared to use our Zoom call-in line:1-669/900-9128; Webinar ID: 310 042 2068; Pass Code: None Required to queue for verbal public comment. Comments may also be submitted by U.S. Mail or e-mail for inclusion in the meeting record. All submittals must be received no later than 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the noticed meeting. To submit comments via e-mail, please forward to: Tim Gillespie at:

The criteria for determining an unmet transit need and whether it is reasonable to meet is established by the California Transportation Development Act and the TCTC. For information on criteria pertaining to unmet transit needs, please contact Mr. Darin Grossi, Executive Director of Transportation, at (209) 533-5603.

This meeting will be open to the public. Please send written comments to the Tuolumne County Transportation Council, 2 South Green Street, Sonora, California 95370 by December 9, 2022

Unmet Transit Needs Form

Triennial Performance Audits Request For Proposals

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) is soliciting proposals to retain a consultant to complete the Triennial Performance Audits of the TCTC and Regional Public Transit System.

Proposals Due By:  December 14, 2022 by 2:00 p.m. 

Click to view RFP page

Triennial Performance RFP Answers to Questions: Posted November 30, 2022


1. With respect to the letter of transmittal, what documentation should be provided to support the signer’s authority to do so?

Corporations will often adopt resolutions of signing authority, issue letters reflecting signing authority, or some other documentation that satisfies TCTC that the person signing has signing authority.

2. May sample reports be referenced in the Technical Proposal and provided as an electronic Appendix on a USB drive?


3. Has a not-to-exceed budget or budget range been identified for this project?


4. Will proposer interviews be held virtually or in person?

We will accommodate both.

TCTC FY22/23 Final Overall Work Program 

As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Tuolumne County, the Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) is required to prepare and submit annual work programs to the State.  The primary purpose of the TCTC's annual work program is to establish proper use of State and Federal funds on transportation programs and projects consistent with the Council's priorities.  These work programs serve as an annual program management document that identifies all regional transportation planning activities and the funding sources that have been approved to accomplish the identifies activities. 

** Click below link to view the Final OWP. 

FY22/23 OWP

Zero Emission Vehicle Readiness Plan

SB 1 Information