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Evacuation Needs Assessment and Communication Strategies Study

The Tuolumne County Evacuation Needs Assessment and Communication Strategies study identifies locations and communities at higher risk from wildfire and strategies to improve evacuation roadway capacity and communication to improve the County’s wildfire resiliency and preparedness.

The study furthers the understanding of wildfire risk based on historic data to inform strategies or approaches for future evacuations and identifies opportunities for evacuation-related transportation improvements for the Tuolumne County Transportation Council Regional Transportation Plan. The study does not identify evacuation routes or zones and is not an evacuation plan.

Project Documents for Download

Recently, our consultant, Kittleson and Associates, completed the draft documents for most tasks on the project. That means we are at a point where we’d like to send out the documents to agencies outside the immediate PDT for review and comment. Please see the links below to download the documents:



Task 2 and 3: Methodology Memorandum

Task 2: Tuolumne County Fire Risk Evaluation

Task 3: Identification of Roadway Network Deficiencies

Task 3: Evacuation Circulation System Improvements

Task 3: Strategies for Increasing Capacity and Efficiency

Task 4: Vulnerable Populations and Communities – Strategies for Evacuation

Task 5: Shelter-in-Place Emergency Planning Considerations

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